Fencing & Safety Products

Chain Link Fencing

is produced with quality galvanized wire which is extensively used for fencing purposes. The popularity of chain-link fence is due to its relatively low cost and ease of installation. A further advantage is that due to the open weave, chain-link fences are transparent, and do not obscure sunlight from either side of the fence.

PVC Coated Chain Link Fencing

PVC coated fencing provides additional defence against corrosion and also gives an aesthetic look. The fence can be customized to match any and every requirement. It is generally recommended for costal application.

Anti Climb Fence

Anti climb weld mesh system is popularly known as 358 mesh fencing and has a mesh opening of 76.2mm x 12.7mm. The mesh opening is so small that is difficult to cut it using conventional hand tools & it is also impossible to climb as there is no space to insert fingers or toes and as such making it a much more secure fencing option compared to the regular chain link, barbed wire systems.

Weld Mesh Fence System

Weld mesh fence system uses a panel with mesh size of 50mm x 200mm with wire diameter of 4/4.5/5mm. Attractive colour, V-bend add to the aesthetic appeal of these fence and square posts along with spider fittings are used for installations. Weld mesh fence system are available in different width & length to our valuable customers. Weld mesh fence system can be made more effective with integration of concertina razor wire, barbed wire or various detection systems which make it a more secure fencing system. This fence system is fast becoming a more popular fencing alternative for industrial and residential purposes.

Machine Guards

- Machine guard is a safety feature on or around manufacturing or other engineering equipment consisting of a mesh welded in a frame covering hazardous areas of a machine to prevent contact with body parts. Machine guarding provides a means to protect humans from injury while working nearby or while operating equipment. The general requirement of all machines is that the point of operation of machine, whose operation exposes an employee to injury, shall be guarded.

Concertina Razor Coil

Concertina razor coil is round in shape and has sharp blades and opens in a spring type design. The sharp blades can cause serious injury to one self and can act as a psychological deterrent to anyone who tries to cut or climb the fence. Concertiona coil is mainly available in 450mm or 610mm dia. Length of the coil is 5-6 mtr or 9-10 mtr. It is mainly used for border fencing & high security area fencing.

Razor Wire

A razor wire is made up of a strip of blades fussed onto a G I Wire. The blades are designed to have a piercing and gripping action and is galvanised to protect it against corrosion. Razor wire can be used as an alternative to the conventional barbed wire as it has sharp blades which inflict more harm to anyone who tries to enter the premises. It's mainly applicable to residential area, storage room, coal mine base, farming site, also used for tourist interest fencing, park fencing and so on.

Barbed Wire

is a type of steel fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strands. It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. Barbed wire fencing requires only fence posts, wire, and fixing devices such as staples. It is simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person. The standard sizes available are 12swg x 12swg, 12swg x 14swg & 14swg x 14swg. The standard structure is of a Double barb, also known as 4-point barbed wire. Two barb wires twisted on the line wire (stand wire).

Construction Safety Net

A safety net is a net to protect people from injury after falling from heights by limiting the distance they fall, and deflecting to dissipate the impact energy. The term also refers to devices for arresting falling or flying objects for the safety of people beyond or below the net. Safety nets are used in construction, building maintenance, entertainment, or other industries. The standard size of a safety net is 4” x 4” x 4mm inner wire and a 12mm outer wire

Coconut Safety Net

These nets are specially designed to prevent the fall of coconuts on people or vehicles and prevent causing any serious damage. The opening is of 30mm x 30mm with a 2mm rope thickness, primarily available In green colour and can be made as per the sizes required by the customer.

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