Crimped Wire Mesh

Crimped wire mesh is made of wires that are pre-crimped or are bend at the beginning and then weaved together to make the desired square or rectangular holes and can be made as per the desired sizes. The perfect crimping ensures the wire lock firmly together at the intersections. These meshes can be ordered as per choice of weaving pattern.

We Have Different

Types Of Crimped Wire Mesh

Galvanised Crimped Mesh

The type of crimped mesh is made of galvanised wire. Mainly used in mining, construction, acoustic, machine guarding industries

Stainless Steel Crimped Mesh

We can offer this type of crimped mesh in various grades such as 304/310/316/2205 and as per customer requirements. The mesh opening is so small that is difficult to cut it using conventional hand tools & it is also impossible to climb as there is no space to insert fingers or toes and as such making it a much more secure fencing option compared to the regular chain link, barbed wire systems.


Aluminium Crimped Mesh

This type of crimped mesh is made of aluminium grade and is mainly used in automotive, filter, building, marine and electrical conductivity industry.